How many 323 moments have you had? And I am not referring to a Mazda 323. Yes, have you had any 323 moments this past week? I had a spectacular one the other day – and one that wasn’t too hard to notice at all. And what is a 323 moment? Well, I’ve made that expression up, but it refers to a bible reference of chapter three, verse twenty three, or 323.

Some translations or songs put it like this: His mercies are new every morning. And you can find these words, or similar, in Lamentation 3:23.

Last Tuesday I visited Warrick Mattinson in Cairns Hospital – actually it seemed like just about everyone from TGS (The Good Shepherd) was there that day (an exaggeration – but it certainly seemed that way) – and as we were talking (Warrick, Kylie and myself), a gentleman turned up who is an Occupational Therapist. He asked me if I was family, and I said I was closer than family – Warrick and Kylie are my brother and sister in Christ – we are Christians. And his response: So am I! A smile came to Warrick’s face when he heard that. I’m sure Warrick has repeatedly seen such care, from our Lord, these past several months. But it gets better!

I asked him what church he attends. And he said he attends Cairns Presbyterian. He also mentioned how he’s been on a church camp recently. I said, ‘You mean Launch camp’. And he said, ‘Yes’. Kylie then mentioned to him how their son was on that camp. And as it turned out, this OT guy brought their son back from the camp. What a coincidence. What a God-incidence. What a 323 moment!

Isn’t it wonderful how our Lord brings such lovely moments our way to help us, and especially so when we are struggling. What a comfort it must have been for Warrick & Kylie to know that their OT guy is a fellow brother in Christ, and was just on a camp with their son. It certainly speaks loudly about how God cares for us, in the little moments he brings our way each day, and especially when our fallen life is very tough going. His mercies certainly are new every morning. Great is his faithfulness!





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September 13, 2020