4 things Jesus didn’t die for

I recently read a good and helpful article titled 4 things Jesus didn’t die for. It doesn’t beat around the bush but gets straight to the point. What is great is it helps us identify and reject false teaching better in this area. Here are the highlights.

Originally found at http://madeformore.co/4-things-jesus-didnt-die-for/

  1. For Your Australian Dream: Jesus didn’t die to make you healthy, wealthy, secure, and comfortable. This may be your current state, but don’t let that to lead you to think it’s a promise. Jesus’ death means he has taken on your sin, in exchange for his righteousness. God has shown us “the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2:7). These are the only riches you are promised in this life—the joy and peace that comes with knowing that you have a good and loving God who has saved you at the infinite cost of his only Son.


  1. To Be the Poster Boy for Your Cause: Jesus’ death was the glorious inauguration of his coming kingdom, not an invitation to use his name to legitimize our own little kingdoms. Don’t get me wrong: I support causes, social and political. But those things cannot save. They cannot change sinful hearts, they cannot save from eternal death, and in the end they cannot offer anything more than a better life in this passing world.


  1. So You Wouldn’t Have to Change: Although you still sin and will always struggle with it until the day you die, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Christian believer will persevere. God will grow your love for him and his people and begin to kill off your love for sin and self. Salvation is both a radical recalibration as well as a slow, steady march, which allows us to be more and more like Christ each day. Grace not only saves us, it trains us. It teaches us to take Jesus’ side against our sin. This grace brings you to repentance.


  1. To Merely Raise Your Moral Standard: Do you know the problem with grace? It’s not a consumer good. It’s not commodifiable. Grace reveals our lack of autonomy, our utter     dependence on God, and thus may be quite unattractive to people who want to believe they’re entirely autonomous and independent. Yet grace is all we need. Our religious,     pharisaical hearts scream for us to add our “do” to Jesus’ “done.” We get comfortable with a moral standard we can attain, and then pass judgment on all those who can’t. A pastor’s sins are just as offensive as the addict in the front row. They both need redemption found at the foot of the cross. Jesus didn’t die so we could amass a spiritual resumé of good works but so that we could rest in his righteousness as we obey out of love and humility.

Straight forward but helpful stuff. May we know the real reason Jesus died and not get caught up with false ideas and teaching.

Chris Forder


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