5,4,3,2,1, Lift Off!

Today is ‘Launch Sunday’, our official ‘lift-off’ for 2018. But why do we have Launch Sunday every year, year after year? Well, ask yourself this question: ‘How can an arrow be effective?’ Answer: because it’s 1) targeted and 2) pointed and 3) has energy propelling it — that’s why.

1) So this means … if we aren’t trying to aim at anything, well … we’ll probably hit nothing! Reminding ourselves about what we’re on about as a church and as individual Christians can give us as a church and as individual believers real and good things to aim for in 2018. So, what are you planning on doing this year? What is your family going to do? Our church’s ‘orders’ (Mission Statement) include the words that we are “to make disciples of Jesus”. A disciple is a learner, a follower.

So, as you and/or your children or grand-children or siblings read, hear and watch lots of the information that bombards us every week, are you going to ‘learn Christ’ too? In fact, are you going to learn, grow and follow Him more than you learn what’s on Facebook or the (bad) news?

2) And this means that you and I and we should be living ‘pointedly’ i.e. with the gospel of Jesus being what’s leading the way, at the front: ‘the point. So this means that as we love each other we’re ultimately motivated not because we’re just trying to look good or do what we think we should but we’re motivated by the love of God in Christ. And as we love people outside TGS we’re motivated by the good: their good and God’s glory. We don’t just help and love people because it gives us a temporary good feeling. It also means that we want and deliberately help each other to keep the gospel as the centre and reason for what we do. So e.g. your Home Group will keep studying the Bible interpreted through the gospel at the heart of your meeting. Because that will help you and them the most to live in 2018.

3) From Ephesians 1:19 you and we can pray each week that as a church we will know God’s “incomparably great power for us who believe.” This can give us the energy to be ‘on mission’ now and later, when we might be tired, because God can empower us!

On January 1, 2019 there will be various things which won’t have changed or been fixed this year. But, looking ahead to 1/1/19, having had a year of the gospel of Jesus being front and centre at TGS, you and I will truly be able to say (apologies to Neil Armstrong) “that’s [some] small step[s] for [TGS], one giant leap for mankind”. Because your church is at the heart of God’s plans for this world. So, 2018 — let’s go for it! Lift off!




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September 13, 2020