7 Tips when talking to kids about Coronavirus

Here are 7 Things we can do to help children/grandchildren/nephews/nieces etc. understand what’s happening and deepen their trust in God — 1. Understand that children [people] respond in different ways — they will have different: concerns, levels of anxiety, willingness to obey restrictions. 2. Know that silence is not the answer – Our God speaks, so should we. Tell children how great and in control God is, and our eternal hope in Jesus. The worst cannot happen to us because our ultimate future is secure. 3. Encourage children to use their words – to talk, ask their questions, express their fear/anxieties. Answer their questions, but don’t be overly complex. 4. Pray with children – model your dependency upon God. Ask, praise, express your thoughts and feelings. Express your confidence in our good, loving, wise and powerful God. 5. Encourage children to respond with love – because our loving God cares for those who are in trouble or needy, so should we. Hate and hoarding should be out, but, e.g. washing our hands is an act of love to others. 6. Be careful what children see and hear – There is a lot of scary reporting/information that won’t help them (or you). Limit what they hear you talking about also! 7. Remind children that God uses everything, including Coronavirus, to achieve his purposes – We don’t know what God is doing in all this. But we know he will accomplish his purposes. He will call people to himself through the pandemic. And he will grow his people to become more and more like his Son. Of that, we can be certain. So much of this information is also relevant to how we as adults live. This is a very condensed and edited version of this excellent article (which I encourage you to read in full): https://au.thegospelcoalition.org/article/7-tips-when-talking-to-kids-about-coronavirus Or, the Minutes from a Minister are put on our website and can be accessed there (including this link you can copy and past into your web browser).


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September 13, 2020