I wish I was like…

I wish I was like Jason Bourne… Roger Federer… Taylor Swift… Jamie Oliver. Being a new year, there are so many things that I could write about, but I really wanted to write (partly from a youth minister’s perspective) about what we do at TGS and why we do it this way. So often in life we look at other people and see qualities or talents or succuss in them that we wish we had. For instance, I think it is the dream of most men to be able to fight like Jason Bourne or to play tennis like Roger Federer – I think I do, but Lesley says that’s only when I play our kids. There are qualities and talents in others that we wish we had. And the danger is when we transfer this desire into our Christian faith and ministries. For example, when we take these desires and look at the world around us and see how they draw crowds or how they empower people and then try to apply that to our Christian ministry. Example: Let’s put on a great show and attract lots of people or give away free stuff, etc. So, we try to be like the world, and do things the way the world does it, just without the sin. But here’s the problem, when it comes to ministry, what we have to remember is, the world will also do the world’s best. And Christians can’t and SHOULD’NT try to complete or be like the world (1 John 2:15-17). What ends up happening when we do this is compromising on God and his word. So, at TGS instead of looking around and seeing how the world does things and trying to be like that to get a crowd or run a ministry, we embrace something even better, we embrace God himself. We are unashamedly Christian! As a church we want spiritual fruit that lasts. And nothing that the world offers will last; it will all perish. So, our focus is on what will last. We focus on Jesus and our worship of him. In the end, great songs won’t keep people coming or trusting in Jesus. Rituals, traditions or social events won’t keep people committed to God. The only thing that will keep us, all of us till the end, is Jesus. So, at TGS, we focus on growing in knowledge, understanding, wisdom, love, obedience and maturity in Christ. Our ministries are geared around this. There are many wonderful things that help us do this, relationship being a big one, but the goal is always the same, Jesus. So, as we start this new year, we enter it together as a church, not trying to be something we are not, but embracing the awesome truth of who we are, God’s holy people, his children, saved, loved and empowered by his Spirit to worship him and do good works. Chris


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