A good reminder

I have been busy digging out all our Heliconias (and their extensive rootsJ) in the front yard to plant something else there. The Heliconias certainly grow quickly to be a quick thick screen but they also quickly start to takeover! Anyway, Sue and I decided, for at least now, to plant some Sunflower seeds in this new bare garden, And then after they have had their day we’ll put in some Sweet Peas (on St Patrick’s Day – apparently that is the day you plant them); they are Sue’s favourites. We got some Sunflower seeds from Limberlost Nursery – they were free. And Sue said to put two seeds in each hole in the ground as some seeds don’t sprout and grow. That was a week ago. And here is a picture of how things are now…. What surprised me was that there is a large patch where no seeds have sprouted at all (it is not in this picture). What also surprised me was that Sue was right (again) and only about one third of the spots where I planted two seeds have two plants growing – most only have one. And what’s the point of all of this? Well, it reminded me as to what God is like and therefore what he can do, but it also reminded me as to what we are like and therefore what we can only do. It is only God that can bring forth any growth at all. We can plant. We can water. And I did both. But God causes the growth (1 Corinthians 3:5-9). And he decides if a seed grows and if it doesn’t. He also decides when it grows, as I am hoping that surely some other seeds might start to do something soon! May we readily invite people to join us over Christmas. May we preach the gospel faithfully over Christmas. May we be people who sow well and water well – we will be rewarded for it (verse 8). And may our God, who is rich in mercy, cause much growth.


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September 13, 2020