A Minute from Kids Ministry

Last Saturday I attended Ignite – a Children’s Ministry Conference held each year in Brisbane. It was uplifting and encouraging to sit in an auditorium with hundreds of other people, all of whom share my passion to bring the Gospel to children.

However, it was sobering to hear from one speaker – an academic who taps into global research on all things Christian. Sobering because we heard the top three reasons why children who progress through Sunday School (Children’s Church here at TGS) and Youth Group only to fall away from their faith as young adults. And here they are:

  • “No-one allowed me to have doubts.”
  • “My parents never shared their faith stories with me.”
  • “No-one answered my questions.”

So here’s our commitment to every parent at TGS whose kids are, or will be, in our classes: we will not dismiss questions from your children. Rather, we commit to exploring with them to discover an answer together. We will not brush away or scorn their doubts, rather we will pray together for increased faith, and find avenues to explore resolution that is not over-authoritarian. And we will continue to share our own faith stories with them, to encourage them.

But mostly they are your kids, not ours. Share your faith journeys with them, including the ups & downs. Celebrate moments when your prayers were clearly answered. Infuse your family lives with reliance on our God. Be excited about your own relationship with God. And pray for them continually, and with them daily.

Cheers, and God Bless, Kristin


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