A week in the life of the Youth and Young Adults Minister

So at the Parish Annual Meeting this year, Cameron wrote in his report a brief description of his average week. It was requested that Trevor and I do the same to give people a better idea of what we do. While it will always be hard to see and understand the demands and ever-changing week of a minister, here are some of the constants in my role:

Monday: Staff meeting from 9:30-11:30am. Follow up from that meeting. Responding to Care and Communication Cards. Writing thank you / encouragement notes. I spend time preparing for Encounter, the Christian lunchtime group at Cairns high, which meets on Thursday. I also do sermon work.

Tuesday: Day Off

Wednesday: Elders meeting from 6:30am. Organise 5pm service. Office and pastoral staff meeting from 9:30-10:30. Home Group preparations. Sermon work. I have my Home Group on a Wednesday night at 8pm, it is a dad’s group at the moment hence the time.

Thursday: SNC weekly e-mail to share the notices for that week. Although I pray throughout the week for both youth and 5pm I dedicate specific time to praying for people and events every Thursday morning. Youth Group preparations. Encounter at Cairns high. Meet with my warden James Sartain (both Trevor and Cameron have a warden they must meet with too). Sermon work.

Friday: I make sure I am available for ESL and fill in when I need too. Sermon work. Make sure I am ready for Youth Group. I have a one to one meeting. At 6:30pm there is a youth leaders meeting. 7pm Youth Group starts. 10pm another leaders meeting to recap the night, pray for the youth and look ahead.

Saturday: This is a flexible day. I will make sure I am ready for Sunday.

Sunday: I make sure I am at breakfast with the 7am congregation. I help with Youth Forum at 9:30am. After Youth Forum I meet with the assistant youth leaders for about 10-15mins (this is new). 5pm prep. 127 prayer. 5pm service.

There is so much more to my role including: pastoral care, training, Cairns high chaplaincy committee, Launch camp, TGS youth camp, prayer events, rosters and the list goes on. I hope this helps to understand what I do better.

Chris Forder


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September 13, 2020