Alert as a Crimson Finch!

Alert as a Crimson Finch!

crimson finchIf you know me, you will know that I love birds, the ‘finch’ type. You will also know that I love the bush. For me, there is no better holiday than to camp by a river with paperbark trees overhanging it and lots of birdlife around. I have no inclination to travel overseas and see man-made stuff; it doesn’t interest me in the slightest (except maybe a Holy Land tour). Sue keeps saying: we will have to educate you one day; maybe you’re thinking the same!


Anyway, I was pondering this week as to what to write in this MFM, as I had lots of ideas… for a change! I was going to write about the recent worldwide forum in Paris that looked at climate change and how the media reported once again that there is no Plan B, so we’d better look after the planet we’ve got. Well, I thought, yes, we should look after the planet, but no, there is a plan B (Revelation 21:1).

And so, as I had lots of ideas, I prayed asking the Lord what he would want me to write about. And it was then that I noticed, once again, the many finches in our back yard, madly going about their nest making. Firstly there were the Yellow-bellied Sunbirds making their nest, then there were the Chestnut-breasted Mannikins and also the Nutmeg Mannikins, but it was the Crimsons that really got my attention. And why? Because it is so hard to get a photo of them! The Sunbirds, Chestnuts and Nutmegs are fairly easy. I sometimes wonder if they even realise I am taking photos of them. But the Crimsons are very much on the alert, all the time. No matter what spot I tried to hide in to take a photo, they’d notice me, and fly to a different spot to get some grass material for their nest.

And this made me think about how we are to live our lives. We are to always be on the alert too, just like these Crimson finches. We are to be alert—to be on the watch, because we don’t know when Jesus will return (Mark 13:33). We are also to be alert—to be on the watch, because the devil is always trying to catch believers out—not by taking a photo of them, but by causing them to fall into temptation (1 Peter 5:8). Yes, we are to be alert as a Crimson finch.

It’s amazing what one can learn from looking at the things God created.



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September 13, 2020