Alpha Youth

As many of you know TGS Youth is doing the Alpha series this term. If you have never heard of Alpha, it is a 12 week series looking at life and faith. How does Jesus and belief in him impact one’s life?

This is an evangelistic series. It looks at the evidence of Jesus as well as the response to Jesus. Last term we asked the youth to invite their friends along to Alpha. We are thankful that God has brought along a number of their friends. A normal night consists of: arrival activities (handball, table tennis and Alpha art); we then have dinner together, followed by watching the video and answering the discussion questions. We finish with dessert and more activities. All this allows for great chats and good friendships.

It does involved lots of set up and pack up, but it is all worth it.

We praise God for this series and how it has started. Relationships are being formed, leaders are connecting with youth and experiences are being shared. Our prayer is that God will use these relationships long after the Alpha series has finished to grow new and existing disciples in their faith.

The leadership team consists of Kaye Unwin, Clint Schmidlin, Graham Pett, Johanna Delany, Scott Lytton, Dan White, Warrick Mattinson and Chris Forder. In addition to this we have trainee leaders: Alice Watson, Sam Gaunt and Jordan Mattinson. We also have helpers on the night: Toni and Carl Swift, Emily Conley and Phil Watson. Please pray for all these faithful servants, that God would give them wisdom, strength and endurance.

Please pray also that our youth will be empowered and encouraged by this series and that they will stand up for their faith in Jesus. And please pray for their friends, that they would believe.

Chris Forder


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September 13, 2020