And now for something different

Some of you have met our lovely Border Collie dog, Willow. Well, Willow is the first dog I and our family have ever owned so it’s been a learning curve and journey of discovery for me and us. So, in this MFM that could be titled ‘Willow, mums and God’, here are a few thoughts — Dogs are often very loving to their owners. In fact they often give ‘unconditional love’ to us. And how often do mums give such deep and amazing love to us? Have you thanked your mum yet today (if you’re able to) for her love? Far greater than our mum’s (usually) amazing love is our God’s: it is infinite, eternal and deeper than even the most loving mothers: Praise Him! They can’t wait for you to arrive home. One of Willow’s happiest times of day is when the children return home and greet her. Oh what a thrill to see us! How often are our mums the same?! And our amazing God will be delighted when we ‘go home’ to Him. Have you thought about that before? Dogs can be great companions, friends and creatures to spend time with. Many time you don’t need be on your own with a dog. Now think about all the times your mum is/was with you. I know there are many times my children love mum being there with them, spending time with them. But even a dog or a mother can’t be with us all the time or forever, but Jesus said, “Never will I leave you”, and he is always with us by the Spirit. God is our greatest companion. Even if a dog doesn’t know what you’re thinking (like in the photo Willow seems to be wondering what the photo was all about!), God always knows, always cares, always is there, and always loves. Isaiah 49:15; 1 Thess. 2:7b-8.


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September 13, 2020