I think I must be anti-God and also anti-the human race. Or to put it another way, I must be God-phobic and also the human race-phobic. Well I am not, but please put up with my frivolity for a moment as I explain how ridiculous things are becoming.

Just last week it was reported that the ex NRL Parramatta player Jarryd Hayne, who is now trying out for the NFL in America, said something that was apparently very anti-Semitic. What he basically said was: Jesus came to help his own people (the Jews) but was killed by them. And so because he said this, some have said that his comment stirs up a hatred towards Jews, and therefore is anti-Semitic (Semite refers to the people of Israel, and its origin is from Noah’s eldest son Shem).

Now I could go on and on with many other recent examples as well, but what seems to be going on is this: the moment one says that you believe something to be wrong, or that someone did something wrong, you are labelled phobic or anti, by a very vocal minority.

But was Jarryd Hayne right in what he was reported to have said (tweeted)? Well when you read the Bible we are told by the Apostle John, that: Jesus did come to his own people but they would not receive him (John 1:11). We are also told by the Apostle Peter: Let all Israel be assured of this: God has made Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36). So we are told that Jesus came to the Jews (his own people) but they would not welcome him, rather they crucified him. Hmmm. So I guess the Apostle Peter and the Apostle John must also be anti-Semitic.


Now in saying this, we are also told in the book of Acts (same chapter actually) that: Jesus was handed over by God’s set purpose and foreknowledge, and that the men of Israel, with the help of other wicked men (the Romans), put him to death by nailing him to the cross (Acts 2:23). So in effect, the Jews and the Romans (and also God himself!) played their part in the death of Jesus. And in reality, we all did, because it was the sins of the whole human race that held him there.

So, to say that God brought all of this about, and to say that the whole human race brought all of this about, is to therefore say, according to the logic of some in our society today, that one must be anti-God and anti-the human race. Or maybe, just maybe, people today are very anti-truth, and will do anything to supress it.

Trevor Saggers


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