Are we thankful?

Last Wednesday evening our Home Group started talking about how God (Jesus) must feel at times, as people usually show little thankfulness once they get what they want. Have you found that to be true?

It is one of the very reasons why we, in our home group, use a little book, or our iPads or mobile phones, to write out our prayer points each week: so that we can look back on them to see how God has answered our prayers and give thanks to him.

In our home group we considered how Jesus healed ten people from leprosy (Luke 17), but only one – yes, only one – came to him and thanked him (praised God).

I think it is fair to say that nearly every second day there has been something in the media about the current drought affecting much of Australia. And, because of this, many Christians have started praying to God that he would bring rain. Even our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who is a committed Christian (from The Shire), led part of the prayers in the church he recently attended and prayed the following:

Lord we pray for our farmers. Lord we pray for our rural communities, our indigenous communities. Lord we pray that you’ll bring light. That you’ll bring hope, that you’ll bring encouragement. And Lord that you will bring rain!

And what has been the result of our prayers? This was last Wednesday’s front page news’ heading: ’Huge storms pretty much guaranteed’: Weather staying wild in NSW and Queensland. There’s no let-up in the rain, with supercell storms causing havoc. Some areas have seen a week’s worth of rain in 10 minutes.

I wonder how many people will now thank him for the rain?

Lord, we thank you, for hearing our prayers. We thank you for providing much needed rain to many of our outlying areas. We thank you for how you sustain your creation, even though it is fallen. Thank you in Jesus’ name. Amen.




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September 13, 2020