Are you missing worship?

I hear that many people like our online church. And, personally, I think it is pretty good! So, thank you to the numerous people who make that happen. And, there certainly are some things that are easier with online church, like: you can be in your pyjamas if you wish! (you choose how casually you dress); you dont have to even leave home (its your location); its quicker; if you cant log on at 9am you can do so later (you choose the time); theres no bigroster to serve on (you dont have to do muchfor online church); you dont have to find a park; etc. So you might not be missingworship.

But! There are numerous things online church lacks, such as: people! The word for churchin the N.T. means a gathering’, ‘an assembly’. So, technically, online church is a lot of very small church gatherings. If youre on your own, technically, its not really a gathering God is a relationship (Father, Son and Holy Spirit; 3 personsin one God), so, being created in Gods image, we are relational too. Church is meant to be inperson; facetoface. Love and service are at the heart of who God is and what he does, and, being in His image, so it should be for us too. But online church doesnt have the opportunities for us to serve others in the same ways. Church being very convenientcan make us less otherpersoncentred, but thinking mostly about our own comfort. I know Im struggling with this, being at home; you probably are too. So are you missing worship?

Let us also remember that worshipis not just what happens at 9am on Sundays (or 7am, 9.30am or 5pm pre & postrestrictions), for our whole lives should be an act of worship to God (Romans 12:1). Through our lives we can continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise“, such as if we do good and share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.(Hebrews 13:1516). We can and should be worshipping God each day of the week. So are you missing worship? I.e. are you not worshipping God now?

So, I hope that you (like me) are benefitting from and enjoying aspects of online church (& Home Group, etc.), but I hope that you are also greatly missing physically being present with your brothers and sisters in Christ. And I hope that you are worshipping right where you are, right this day, and each day. May we make the most of now’, but long for then’.




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September 13, 2020