Are you single & feeling forgotten?

Three weeks ago we had the Building Better Marriages course with Jim and Lesley Ramsay, and Friday was Stuart and Felicity’s wedding. So marriage has featured highly in our recent church life!

But … many people at TGS aren’t married, whether never married or separated or divorced or widowed. Many single people say that there are times when they feel left out or left behind or forgotten about. It is true that in our (right) zeal for celebrating marriage and family that sometimes single people do get overlooked, or it is just assumed that they will be happy enough and willing to do what activities the families are doing.

So on behalf of your church’s leadership, let me say to all single people that you are not forgotten. The marrieds got a course for them, and I am planning that the parents will get a course for them in the future (2019 is the plan) but I also have in mind there being a ‘Being a godly single’ type course in the future, too.

Of course, a course is just a one-off event. There are many ways that you can have company, friends and fellowship in your church. Although some of these might be obvious, here’s a partial list: church on Sunday; Home Group; numerous of the many ministries we have, which you can serve in — because there is nothing else like working together with others in a common cause. You might be amazed at the bonds which develop with others when you … wash up together, play/sing together, go and visit people, come to a newcomers’ lunch, do Truth Explored/Experienced with others (this truly does develop a special bond with the other group members). This is only a minority of the ways that you can have good, strong friendships and fellowship. But don’t wait for others to give you friendships on a platter, also make an effort yourself. And if you aren’t sure where to start, ask me or someone else you think will know.

Jesus was single. So even if you feel forgotten by TGS (we should be working hard so that you aren’t, but I apologise for any times you are) then there is one who both understands and is with you.



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September 13, 2020