‘Are you strange?’


A Minute from a Minister

Last Sunday in Psalm 119 we were reminded that being one of Christ’s people— those who obey his word— makes you “a stranger on earth” (verse 19), and makes us “strangers and aliens in the world” (1 Peter 2:11).

This year for us as the Wills family there have been many new things —

  • New city/place to live
  • New home
  • New job
  • New church
  • New school
  • New people

Can you identify with any of these? I know that numerous of you can! When things are new they can feel strange and foreign to you … you can feel like a stranger.

Being a ‘stranger’ can be uncomfortable and disconcerting … and the Bible tells us that’s how it is for us as Christians living in ‘the world’, which is not our true home. So being newer to Cairns and TGS helps me and my family to remember that Cairns is not Paradise (just like Atherton wasn’t Paradise either) and that we are passing through here. So if your lifestyle is different in areas from your neighbours in distinctively Christian ways (& I hope it is!), and that jars at times, then you are experiencing part of the truth of being a “stranger and an alien”.

The world says “dare to be different” – but it means in only certain ways, whereas in other things (like many aspects of the Christian life) the reality is that you can be thought of as “the odd one out”. However even if we are ‘strange’ now in the world’s eyes, God’s word is still “wonderful”, and can right now be our “delight” and our counsellor (Ps 119:18 & 24). His word remains with us right up to when Jesus our Saviour returns and takes us to Paradise!

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020