Welcome back to all our TGS women who went on the Women’s Retreat!

Did you avagoodweekend? I’m guessing you certainly did, because there is something very special and powerful about Christians spending a substantial amount of time together, sharing our lives around the teaching of God’s word. So I look forward to hearing lots about the retreat.


But wait! There’s more.’ No, not a free set of steak knives, but more good weekends coming up. Two weekends time (a long weekend) is the second annual North Qld Christian Convention (NQCC) at Mission Beach. Last year’s was excellent and this year’s promises to be even better. I personally know of about ten TGS’ers who are going, but I’m sure there are more. If you’d like any more info you could talk to Renee or I or Cliff and Gail Truelove (who went last year and I know are going this year) and check out the website —


Then, later in the year there are both the inaugural TGS Women’s & Girls camp (September 12-13), and the annual TGS Men, Youth & Boys (MYB) camp — both at Lake Tinaroo. I can tell you that Alistair and I had a great time last year at MYB’14, and we’re definitely hoping to go to MYB’15

If all these camps/conventions don’t satisfy your appetite, then there are even more — have a look at your TGS Events 2015 program or the TGS Men’s Ministry and TGS Women 2015 programs.

Yes, we know that each of these cost money and take effort and time … but they are worth it (not that you have to go on all of them). To spend time together with family and church family getting to know each other better, hearing from God’s word together, praising God in song together, having fun together etc. is so valuable and can be a foretaste of heaven.

So … in the rest of 2015, I hope you avagoodweekend!



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September 13, 2020