Bacon & Eggs

I recently watched, on Catch-up TV, the Show, Anh’s Brush With Fame. I find it fascinating how he (Anh Do) can do a portrait of a celebrity with painting knives, and at the same time, get the celebrity to reveal a lot about themselves – and stuff that he then uses, to varying degrees, in the actual portrait. Yes, I love watching it! Two weeks’ back I watched him interview and do a canvas portrait of Alan Jones, arguably the most influential radio commentator in Australia today. It was during this that Anh Do asked Alan Jones about the infamous Bacon & Eggs’ speech when he coached Rugby Union (well, it is infamous for some). Now, as you could probably imagine, many of his dressing room speeches were very inspiring (he can certainly speak well). And the most famous of his speeches was this Bacon & Eggs’ one. He said, “I want total commitment out of each and every one of you to the game plan! Commitment! Not mere involvement. COMMITMENT. Look at your bacon and eggs for breakfast and how it came about. The chicken was involved sure, but the pig … the pig was committed!” Yes, he was after commitment from the team – total commitment. He wanted everyone to be like the ‘pig’. I found this illustration helpful for my own walk with our Lord. He, our Lord, wants complete commitment from me: to deny myself and take up my cross as I follow him (Matthew 16:24). And it will all be worth it. We might not win a Bledisloe Cup, like Australia did under the coaching of Alan Jones, but we will, by God’s grace, receive true life – eternal life (verse 25) and also be rewarded for what we have done (verse 27). How good is that! God isn’t after chickens (involvement – laying an egg); He only wants to see pigs (commitment – becoming bacon). If we have been a bit of a chicken in the past, come near to God, and he will come near to you. And let him change you and help you to be committed as you should.


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September 13, 2020