As many of you might remember, I said some time ago that Ive been reading volume two of For the Love of Godby Don Carson. I have found it excellent to help me keep reading the Holy Bible each day. And if anything, the demand (discipline) of reading the whole Bible in a year plus the New Testament and Psalms twice in a year, has helped me to never get behind!

Part of my daily Bible Reading, the other day, was Jeremiah 6. And I dont know about you, but sometimes a phrase or verse jumps out to me like it never has before I hope and pray he is doing this, that is, hethe Holy Spirit. And what jumped out to me was the phrase, do not even know how to blush’. It is found in Jeremiah 6:15.

Do you know how to blush? I guess that some of us easily blush but others rarely blush, if at all. The context here in Jeremiah is all about being ashamed of what youve done, and therefore blushing about it. But the people, in this case Gods people, were not ashamed of their sins and are therefore described as people who dont know how to blush. And those who should know much better and are given the responsibility of proclaiming the truth Gods truths should be teaching things that result in the people being ashamed and therefore blushing, but instead were conveying a message that all is good. Yes, the prophets and priests of their day simply gave the people what their itching ears wanted to hear after all, no one likes to be told they are dong the wrong thing, or should they?

Yes, this phrase jumped out at me. I automatically thought of the western world today and how most people seem to do whatever they want to do, and there is no shame no blushing at all. If anything, people often now get applauded for what is actually abhorrent to God (and that Jesus died on the cross for). But I have to resist this thinking and apply it to myself and to us, not the world. Do I, do you, blush when the Bible is faithfully taught and are found wanting? Yes, do we? And do I and the many others here who teach Gods truths, faithfully teach them, or do we sugarcoat them so that our audience feels better, and therefore does not blush.

May we not do what the next verse in Jeremiah says: This is what the LORD says: Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask were the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said We will not walk in it.


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