“Book ’em (Danno!)”

If you know what that quote means, I’d say that you’ve watched the original Hawaii Five-O television show! And, while Christmas/New Year is a time you can watch T.V. / DVD’s etc, it’s also a great time to ‘Book ’em’: read books. So here are the books I was given for Christmas (thanks Renee!), and one other —

When The Lights Go Out: Memoir of a Missionary to Somalia. Ruth Myors left Nursing in Australia to spend over twenty years in Africa: Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. She worked in a hospital, a village and radio ministry. Her autobiography is very honest, down-to-earth, and shows the struggles we can have working our way from thinking we can’t do something, to how God can enable us to do it; 230 pages.

  • A Pioneering Pastor: Thomas Sharpe. Thomas Sharpe spent five years as Chaplain of the Norfolk Island penal settlement and then almost 30 years as Pastor at Bathurst Anglican Church in the 1800’s. He wasn’t exceptionally gifted, but was exceptionally faithful and hard-working. I found this a very interesting slice of Australian history and enjoyed it. You can still visit his old house in Bathurst; a beautiful-looking book with only about 50 pages to read.
  • Leon Morris: One Man’s Fight For Love and Truth. Leon Morris (died 2006) was an exceptional Australian Bible scholar, writer, and also a Theological College Principal. But his books are known for presenting substantial truths clearly and convincingly. He wrote over 50 books but possibly helped us the most by convincingly defending Evangelical understandings of what Jesus did on the cross. I’m finding it an interesting and insightful book; about 230 pages.
  • First Wives’ Club: 21st century lessons from the lives of 16th century women. Renee’s glad she read this and I’m going to read it soon, too. It’s about six wives in the 1500’s. Some were married to famous men e. g. Katie Luther and Idelette Calvin, some were married to people you’ve probably never heard of, but all experienced joy, much heartache and many difficulties in life and marriage. Their lives were ‘real’ and helpful to learn from. 150 pages.

Renee and I are happy for you to borrow any of these books from us, or you could buy them yourself. Whichever way, you should be glad you read them.

So, Book ‘em!





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September 13, 2020