Cairns High

As many of you know, last week we (TGS) were involved in making pancakes at Cairns High School to create awareness of and support Metal Health week. Sarah Stanford the Scripture Union Chaplain organised a variety of events throughout the week to show the school that the people of God care.

It also provided opportunities to let staff and students know that there are Christians in the school. This was doubly important as there is a new principal who doesn’t know anything about us. One student was approached by him while making pancakes and asked who we were. She replied, “we are Christians from the Encounter group”. He asked what we did in Encounter and she replied, “we study the Bible and pray.”

Helping care for students by providing pancakes last week has shown the new principal and other teachers that Christians are a positive force in the school. In fact, the principal commented on how the volunteers from TGS were so professional they were just like staff. This may open up other opportunities for the future. Praise God.

Friends, this ministry at Cairns high is vital. Not only do the students need to hear about Jesus, the Christian students need to be encouraged to strand firm and be given opportunity to serve the school in the name of Jesus. Please keep praying for this ministry we all support.

Chris Forder


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September 13, 2020