Christchurch shootings

As you would expect there has been so much said and written about the Christchurch attacks, so it’s good for us to be clear about certain things. Here are a few points (there’s so much more that could be said) — The attacks were utterly evil, morally evil. The shooter may have mental illness, and he certainly has some wrong thinking, but what he did wasn’t just an act of ‘sickness’ or faulty logic, at heart it was murder, a morally evil act. God hates what he did. Some people have said that some of what he wrote in his ‘manifesto’ is correct. Ultimately, even if it is that’s irrelevant to the fact that he murdered people and God hates murder. All people (irrespective of religion, ethnicity, country of origin etc.) are made in the image of God and therefore inherently valuable and precious. Murder is always a sin. The grief and distress of the relatives and friends is/will be crushing and awful. Please pray that God will comfort them, even if they aren’t looking to Him for their comfort. Let’s have pity and compassion for these poor victims of evil. Pray that many people, including Christ’s people in Christchurch will love their neighbours in real and practical ways. Many families will have lost their ‘breadwinners’ and will have very real, very ongoing needs. In this world everyone will have troubles — many innocent people are murdered around the world every year. It’s heartbreaking (or should be). We live in a Fallen world where there is so much evil. Come Lord Jesus! Friends, don’t put your hope and security in things of this world: they can be taken away from you, but real, true hope in Christ cannot be! God is still Sovereign, God is still good, some of his ways are currently mysterious (we don’t know all of the ‘Why’s’).


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September 13, 2020