Christmas is usually such an exciting time, full of celebration, happiness and joy. Many take holidays, travel and visit family or have family visit them. Churches hold lots of events and provide for many who are struggling at this time. But this Christmas will be different. COVID restrictions have made many feel isolated, lonely, depressed, overwhelmed and more. Most won’t be travelling, many won’t see their families this year for Christmas and churches are struggling to know how best to reach the community for Christ when they can’t even fit all their own people in the building for normal service, let alone invite their friends and family to a Christmas service. This is a very challenging year for us all.

This is also a very, very important Christmas for us all. It will be more important than any Christmas we have had before. Friends, this will mean re-thinking how we do a lot of things. But one thing is clear, we need to reach out to people with the hope of the Gospel this Christmas. Reaching out to other TGS members and also to your neighbours, work colleagues, and friends. It is not hard to see the toll the COVID-19 restrictions have had on so many people. So many are tired! Overwhelmed! Lonely! Hurting! Disconnected! And I know I have just said this above but, it is so true. People are looking for and longing for hope more than they ever have. Sadly, they are looking for it in the wrong places, earthly places. We can physically and practically care for others but at the same time give them a hope that will change their whole lives. So, start thinking now. Start praying earnestly now, especially if you are scared to talk with people about Jesus. Pray that God will give you opportunities and boldness to share the hope Jesus gives.Friends, let’s not miss the opportunity God is giving us to see people come into his kingdom through the real hope of Jesus this Christmas.