Many have been talking and asking about when we can get back to church. And it is a good question. The answer from our point of view is, as soon as possible. We would love to get back to meeting face to face at Edge Hill. But I want to re-assure and encourage you all that we have never actually stopped church or coming to church since COVID-19 hit us.

I say this because the word “church” means gathering. That’s why the old language will refer to parliament as the ‘church of parliament’ because it is a gathering of people. Really, anything can be “church”, a soccer club, a craft group, stamp collecting association. And they are all church because they all have people gathering around a particular thing. Church for us as is Christians (we are the church) is gathering together around God and his word (1 Corinthians 1:2; 2 Corinthians 1:1; 1 and 2 Thessalonians 1:1).

So, while we have not been meeting at Edge Hill the past few months, we have been meeting/gathering online and in peoples homes around God and his word together. So, we have never stopped doing church at TGS. And we must never fall into the trap of thinking that ‘church’ must happen in a certain building or place. For God rebukes David in 2 Samuel 7 when he wants to build God a temple. God teaches David that he cannot be contained to any one place. So, the Israelites worshipped God as wanderers in the desert. They worshipped him in the tabernacle, temple, and later in exile in Babylon when there was no tabernacle or temple at all. God is not confined to one place or time. We can gather around him anywhere, anytime. How awesome is that!

Each week as you watch the service online, we are all ‘virtually gathering’ together around our majestic God. Online is not ideal, and we eagerly want to meet back together with you face to face and are working towards that goal. But be encouraged that we are still doing church as we are the church, gathering around God. Rejoice and be glad for the gift of technology.

And one of the best things to come out of this, is ‘home church’. They are such a blessing. If you are not in one, please contact the office and we will help you find a home church that best suits you.


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September 13, 2020