City of Churches?


Renée and I recently returned from holidaying in Adelaide, and as you might know, Adelaide has been called ‘the city of churches’ because of the many old and grand church buildings (especially in the city centre).


Yet … a member of a church there said to us that now it’s more like ‘the city of restaurants’! For indeed in Adelaide (like many cities) there are many restaurants and cafes and Australians spend lots of time and money ‘wining and dining’. Also, in Adelaide (& elsewhere) many church buildings have been converted into homes or offices or a temple/mosque/meeting house for another religion (how sad).


As the ABS Census data released just this week shows, a shrinking percentage of Australians identify as Christian. I suspect, though, that many of these people were Christian in name only, so the figures are actually becoming more accurate.


One of the church buildings we visited was Holy Trinity Anglican, the oldest church building in Adelaide. But it’s not just a building — it’s a vibrant network of churches. For many years it has been a gospel-centred, Christ-focused, Bible-teaching church that has now planted seven churches in Adelaide and elsewhere in South Australia. If Adelaide is truly to be ‘the city of churches’ then it will be thanks to churches like Holy Trinity and others.


That is Adelaide, but God wants every city to ‘a city of churches’; for congregations of his people to grow and multiply, including TGS. So let’s love our family/friends/work colleagues/neighbours. So here are some upcoming things to invite people to


  • This Saturday’s healing service: the gospel and prayer for healing of the body and soul;
  • The Women’s Walk and coffee at Holloway’s Beach in 2 Saturday’s time (July 15) could be a great ‘non-threatening’ event to invite a friend to;
  • 4 Sunday’s time (July 30) is a very good day to invite someone, either — to hear Bishop Rick Lewers preaching here at church on Luke 16:19-31; or, if you’ve recently met someone who’s new to TGS, then invite them to the Newcomers Lunch and come with them to it.




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