Coming Back

You might know that I’m back at work, so here’s an update Thank you for your love and support; it has been very good and very helpful. There are so many who have helped in so many different ways and different times that I can’t list you all — I would simply forget people if I tried to do that! And I/we give thanks to God for his love and support. He is always there, always with me. I and the children are doing ok, considering. There are good days and bad days; good and bad moments/minutes/hours etc. I/we don’t always know when they will be, because that’s how grief is: you can’t just neatly plan it into your diary. Some times are hard. I am returning to work gradually. I’m planning on gradually working up to half-time at this stage. And we’ll see how it goes, see if it ‘works’. If that’s feasible then we’ll reassess later this year about if I work more than 50%. I don’t want to rush or be hasty and take on too much, too quickly. I know many of you want to know how I and the children are going, which is why I’m writing this. This also means that I don’t have to tell different people the same things many times over, because sometimes those sorts of conversations can be hard, or even too hard to have at the time. So, if I seem to ‘disappear’ for a time, it’s not be cause I don’t like you (I do! J) but because I might just need a break from ‘people time’ or talking about ‘how I’m going’. And I might be much more interested in talking about how you are going. Like most people, I really don’t enjoy talking about myself all the time! Some other people who are going through grief (or other hard times) would also think or feel some of these or similar thoughts and feelings. So hopefully these thoughts here help us to minister to others, whether now or later. So … thank you for your love and … it’s good to be back.


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