Covid-19 Opportunities

I am not sure if you have heard someone say this yet, but many ministers and ministry organisations have been declaring the many gospel opportunities that COVID19 brings. Have you heard that? I get excited when I hear statements like this. Awesome, lets advance Gods kingdom, I would love you be a part of that; doing something that impacts people for eternity. But my joy and enthusiasm quickly turn to confusion and worryI really like the sounds of capitalising on these opportunities, but what opportunities are they talking about? I am confused as to how COVID19 will advance the kingdom. And then I get worried that I am the only person who will miss this opportunity.

So, this is a shout out asking if you know any opportunities we at TGS might be able to take part in, start up, embrace, etc. I know we might get lots of people giving us ideas and we cant run with them all, but I once heard someone say, in every 15 ideas there will be one that we can do.We are looking for that one or possibly two ideas that God will use us to champion here in Cairns.

The most obvious of opportunities though is simply talking to your neighbours. And although it might be awkward for 15 seconds, it is only 15 seconds. But if you see them walking around your neighbourhood or you knock on their door. Ask them:

1) How are you going?

2) How is your family going? (wherever they may be).

3) Is there anything you are low on or need? (in case you have some to share, i.e. toilet paper, flour).

4) If they are elderly: Do you need anything done around the house/yard?

5) How are you feeling about all this?

6) What can I pray for you? (pray right there and then).

The only other opportunity I can think of is that it has never been easier to come to church’. You dont even have to leave your house! So, invite people to join us. Friends, may God lead us and use us during this time for his glory and the expansion of his kingdom. Please Lord, Amen.




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September 13, 2020