Crazy Love

The TGS youth group started back this Friday night. And this term they are working through a series called Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. The series is quite confronting as it questions whether you really follow Jesus or just go with the flow.

Throughout the series Francis Chan calls you to follow Jesus with a crazy love. A love that goes beyond the love that is easy and comfortable. A call to love Jesus sacrificially. To be so committed to him that you give up other things, big things in your life.

He describes different aspects of our Christian life and shows what they would look like if we had this crazy love for Jesus. He drives home the urgency to come to Jesus on his term, fully devoted to him before you die and it is too late. He warns us against being lukewarm in our faith, for just as the church in Laodicea was lukewarm and spat out, so too will you, if you are lukewarm in your faith. It is challenging stuff.

But, all throughout the series Francis Chan is showing us God’s love for us. God’s mercy on wicked and evil people, who do and say wicked and evil things. He is showing God’s grace to save and redeem these wicked people from sin and hell. And the means of saving his people comes at a great cost, his one and only son. The gospel is central to the series.

Because even as Francis Chan calls us to have a crazy love for God, he is also showing the Crazy Love God has for us (WOW). And it is full on. He shows how crazy it is for Jesus to be in the garden of Gethsemane pleading with his Father to take this cup of suffering away. How Jesus is in so much anguish that he sweets drops of blood. He is asking for help, crying out to his dad for help. I mean, what father wouldn’t help their child in this kind of distress. And yet God allows the suffering and pain to happen. God the Father and God the Son have a Crazy Love for his people.

And Francis Chan says, in the end the real crazy thing is that there are so many people who don’t follow this God who has such crazy love for them. Friends, we have an awesome God, let’s follow him with a crazy love.



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September 13, 2020