Desperate Plea

Well, Sue and I have just arrived back, after taking Long Service Leave. Before I say anything further I just want to express my great appreciation to John & Diana Arnold, for their ministry (and life) amongst us, as Locum, in my stead. Thank you both! And thanks also to Cameron & Chris, for their willingness (and the extra work involved) to share the leading of God’s church here at TGS, in this period. Thank you!

As I see you, the question usually asked to me is: How was your holiday? And the answer I’ve been giving is: It wasn’t the sort of break I expected. And it certainly wasn’t. By now, many of you will have found out, that Sue misjudged stepping down from a boulder in what is known as Echidna Chasm, in Purnululu (aka. the Bungle Bungles) WA, and broke her ankle (at the time we didn’t know that).

After a lot of prayer and serious help from Steve & Sandy, and Cliff & Gail, who shared this holiday adventure with us, we got Sue out of the chasm and back to the campsite. Cutting a long story short: this happened only after a week or so of our seven week planned bush adventure; we decided to continue on, which involved carrying Sue whenever she needed to go anywhere; I needed to do the cooking (now that was a challenge!); and we have a ‘roof top’ tent.

In desperation one morning (in the Kimberley, WA), when we were at the point of turning around and coming home, Sue prayed to the Lord asking him for some crutches. She basically said: Please Lord, I need some crutches! (She had been using some sticks that Steve made, but her hands were getting very blistered by them. And guess what?

Pretty much immediately afterwards, a guy turned up at this campsite, towing a camper trailer. And noticing Sue struggling to get around, said: I have a pair of crutches in my camper trailer if you would like them. Sue replied to him: Are you for real; you are an answer to prayer!

What a moment. What a loving Father we know. Bold prayers to him, are sometimes amazingly, and immediately, answered.

You do not have because you do not ask God. (James 4:2c)

Trev xo


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September 13, 2020