Do you know your Bible?

I have these Bible trivia books in my office, “So you think you know the Bible?” and “Know your Bible quiz book”. And as I go through them, I realise I don’t know many of the answers, and I get worried. Let me share some of the questions with you and see how you go.

  • How many judges were there in Israel?
  • How many people did God tell Elijah there were who had never bowed the knee to Baal? 
  • How old was Methuselah when he died? 
  • How many rows of stones were set in the breastplate that Aaron wore? 


How did you go? That is just a sample from a random page. One of these questions I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for answers. Should I admit that publicly as a minister? Ah well too late. So, what’s my point in all this, just to make some people feel bad for not knowing these answers? Absolutely not. As I was thinking about these answers, (and feeling insecure), I realised that, if someone was to ask me why I was a Christian, or how do I become a Christian or what do Christians believe or why do I live for God and strive not to sin, these Bible passages wouldn’t matter at all. E.g. well Israel has this many judges so … Friends, these are fun games, and great to play with other Christians, but they are not what is most important. What is most important is knowing the gospel. It is knowing who God is and what he is like. It is knowing who we are, what we deserve for sin and knowing therefore, our great need for a loving saviour. On top of that, I am always encouraged and guided by Jesus’ encounter with Satan in the desert. Satan seeks to tempt Jesus to sin. He starts with telling him to turn stones into bread to feed himself. Jesus responds with God’s word. But look at what Satan does now; he tempts Jesus to throw himself off the temple roof and he uses the Bible to convince Jesus to do it, Psalm 91:11-12. Wow, Satan uses God’s word against us. He says, God promises that, so you can do this Jesus. But, and here is a big but, there is a difference between knowing God’s word and understanding what it says: knowing Bible trivia and understanding it for life and faith. Jesus understands God’s word and refutes Satan. What an example for us. Know the Bible and understand it too, otherwise it will be useless to you when you really need it, when you are tested or tempted or confronted with false teaching. Also, make sure you know the gospel, that you know God, that you know about holy living. Please, make the most of the T.E. courses we have, as well as Home Groups and one-to-one resources.                                                          Chris


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September 13, 2020