Do you retreat to go forward?

73 years and 2 days ago the Allies launched the largest ever sea invasion (D-Day). But 4 years before invading the British went backwards at Dunkirk. Sometimes you have to ‘retreat’ before you can go forward; you have to take time away to prepare to advance.


The TGS women will soon have their Retreat. It’s good for them to take some time away to help them then keep going and go forward in their walks with Jesus. So, please pray that it’s a very helpful time for them and ultimately for others (like their families). Please pray also for the father caring for the children (& for the kids …)


From July 4-7 Chris Forder and I will be at the annual ‘Ministry Conference’ in Townsville. Please pray that this will be a very helpful time for all who attend, both from the content of the teaching and the fellowship.


Following Ministry Conference, from Friday night till Sunday, is Synod. There will be some important ‘business’ dealt with, so please pray that all who attend will conduct gospel ‘business’ focused on Christ and what is best for his glory and Church.


Before all this, though, I will be on two weeks leave from June 12-25.

Please pray that it is a refreshing time.


So, ‘retreating’ isn’t meant to be a running away from good things, but being prepared to keep going in them, and even to move forward with Christ — a bit like how at various times Jesus took the Apostles apart from the crowds.


So, this year, how are you going to ‘retreat’ at times,

in order to help you go forward in Christ?        



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