Does it refresh your spirit as much as it does mine?

I love going for a drive in the country at times and soaking inthe greenness, the hills and the quiet. I used to often go for a drive around the Tablelands when I lived in Atherton, and I have been going for more drives lately. Whether its justgoing to Stoney Creek or the wonderful waterfalls and bushwalks on the Palmerston Highway (Tchupala & Wallicher Falls; Nandroya Falls (pictured); Milla Milla Falls) or elsewhere, I find it a great tonicfor me.

Even though Creation is fallen’, there is still so much beauty here in FNQ and God has given it for us to enjoy responsibly. Isnt he kind?! We can be thankful for and in awe of our Fathers creating, and so give him glory now.

I also love the picture the Bible gives of the restored and glorified creation. It will be soooo amazing.

Even if you dont care for the outdoors’, the fact that there wont be any danger from any animals or diseases in the new creation should make you very happy!

When youre in the great outdoors’, it can either be a wonderful time with other people, sharing in the experience and joys together. Or, if youre on your own or with a few others, you can realise that so many of the problems in the world come from (other) people — and so you dont have them! However, I also hope that realisation makes you more aware of the problems you can cause others, and helps you to reduce your sin!

But we cant live in the bush all the time without a lot of work. Societyhas its advantages, as does being with numerous other people. We werent created to always be on our own or just go bush walking. Ultimately we will enjoy the new creation with many, many other people. And no one will annoyus and we wont annoyanyone else!




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September 13, 2020