Drop Everything

My lovely wife – I only have one, and she is lovely – will always ‘drop everything’ to do one thing. And do you know what it is? Yes, do you know what it is, that causes her to drop everything? It is to spend time with the grandchildren. I wish it was me, but I take a distant second or third when it comes to seeing Milla and Chilli and spending some time with them. I guess I’m the only husband who is on the receiving end of that one – NOT!

Even this past week, she got up very early to pick up Troy & Natalie, Milla & Chilli, from the airport, after their holiday. Because their flight was to arrive at 5am, I said I’d pick them up, as I know Sue doesn’t always cope that well with very early mornings, but ‘no’, Sue wanted to pick them up, because she’s missed seeing Milla & Chilli (I’m sure she missed seeing Troy & Natalie too – but I’m only reporting what she said to me at the time).

It’s amazing what we are prepared to drop – for Sue, it was some sleep – when we consider that something is very important – for Sue, it is to see her grandchildren. I’m guessing we all know what it means to drop something, as we probably have done so over the years. We make a sacrifice because something is very important.

How important is Jesus to you? How important is Jesus to me?

Interestingly, Jesus more or less tells us in the Bible to ‘drop everything’ (Luke 9:57-62), and not for no reason at all, but for the reason to follow him. I gather from what Jesus says, that there is nothing more important in life than to follow him. It seems that even attending the funeral of a loved one, takes second place to following him!

Yes, how important is Jesus to you? How important is Jesus to me?

Are you – am I – prepared to drop everything, that is, to drop whatever it takes, so that we can follow him in our life? Are we prepared to drop an unholy relationship? Are we prepared to drop our favourite recreation? Are we prepared to drop some rest? Are we prepared to drop our riches?

Yes, ’to drop everything’ probably means many of the same things for all of us, but also something different for each of us. What is Jesus saying to you to drop at the moment? What have you dropped to follow him? We will only be prepared to drop everything, if we believe he is that important.




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September 13, 2020