Each one, reach one, teach one

The above is a very ‘catchy phrase’. And although I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions, I can really see merit in this one. It reminds us as to what would be good for each of us to do in 2020, let alone always be doing. In saying this, I suppose I need to ask myself the question, and perhaps you need to also, as to who I hope to reach with the saving message of Jesus Christ in 2020. Like, has the Lord placed someone in my life at the moment that I could start sharing my faith with, or if I cannot think of anyone, perhaps I should ‘pray’ that he provides someone. Yes, who is it that our Lord might be wanting us to personally try to reach this year? It certainly is a good goal to have, isn’t it? The goal of each one of us trying to reach someone for Jesus! Perhaps, if you are not sure who to reach, pray: Father, please bring into my life, someone who needs to hear about Jesus, and please help me to share my faith with them. Amen. But also, who are we teaching in 2020? And, in the context of God’s kingdom – after all, nothing else will last – who are we helping, exhorting, admonishing to remain faithful to Jesus, and to keep growing in faith? I know not all of us are teachers with a capital ‘T’, but all followers of Jesus, are meant to be teachers with a lower case ‘t’ (Colossians 3:16). Now teaching doesn’t just mean that one has to take a Christian Religious Instruction (CRI) class, or have a go at Children’s Church, or Youth Forum or leading a Home Group. Teaching obviously does include these ministries and perhaps our Lord is prompting you to consider them in 2020, but teaching is also a one-to-one thing or a very small group thing. And it can be a formal thing where you and say two others, meet each week and work through a book on discipleship, or it can just be helpful godly words to someone that you might find the Lord has placed under your wing for a season. Perhaps it is simply the very important role of parenting or grandparenting – one must never underestimate the influence you can have in these roles. Yes, each one, reach one, teach one… I think I like it!


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September 13, 2020