Easter Sunday morning

Welcome to our Easter Sunday morning church service. We hope it is a very helpful, meaningful and joyful time for you, as we remember and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. We also hope that you know in a real and personal way the solid hope for life now (& for eternity) which Jesus’ resurrection can give.

This morning, Cameron Wills, our Assistant Minister for Families will be speaking on ‘how to have a good memory’: how to remember the resurrection of Jesus in a way that changes our lives. We all forget things, but the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is one thing we should never forget.

Our main Bible Reading this morning is from the book of Second Timothy. You can find it on page 1178 in the Bibles provided. 

This brochure provides some details of God’s church here, as well as answering some typical questions you might have. 

We finish our Easter celebrations tonight at 6pm with a contemporary service. Our regular Sunday Service times are:

7.00am  traditional

9.30am  family focused

6.00pm  contemporary


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