Engaging with Islam

Today we have the privilege of Rev. Samuel Green joining us. He is from Tassie, and he will be running a two hour session this afternoon, here at TGS from 2pm, to help us to better understand Islam. Please don’t miss it. It’s free, yet it will be most valuable. Below is what some have said about him, and the ministry our Lord has called him to be involved in:

I have worked with Samuel Green in Muslim ministry over thirty years and fully support all he does teaching, debating and reaching out to people of that religion.  His experience and expertise is most valuable and the website ministry has helped many.  Stewart Binns – Word of Life Australia

It is a privilege to commend Samuel Green’s ministry to you, for he has been raised up ‘for such a time as this’ (Esther 4:14).   Samuel is one of the most deeply knowledgeable, creative and effective communicators on engaging with Islam and Muslims.  His resources are among the very best in the world.  Learn from him, be inspired and empowered by him and support in whatever way you can.  His work is a gift to the worldwide church.  Mark Durie

Samuel Green has been serving as an Islamic specialist since 1999 after many years of studying and engaging with this major religion. The fruit of his labour is epitomised by the 2 editions of his course entitled ‘Engaging with Islam’ and a superb website with the same title. If you are seeking to navigate Islam, I highly commend Samuel and his resources to you. Richard Chin – National Director of AFES Australia

Given the troubles of the world today and the migrant nature of Australia, we cannot afford to be ignorant of the teachings and practice of Islam. However, gaining accurate and critical information is very difficult. Samuel Green is to be thanked by us all for his industrious labour of love in understanding, analysing, documenting and communicating the truth about Islam. This is one of the most timely and important ministries in Australia today. Phillip Jensen

See you at 2pm! He will also be preaching at 5pm tonight.

Trev Saggers


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