English as a Second Language (ESL)

As many of you know we started the ESL ministry at the beginning of the year.

We have had many students come through learning English and reading the Bible. As we enter into our final term of the year we want to update you all and share some prayer points.

The ESL ministry has seen ESL teachers aids come and go but praise God there have always been enough helpers for the ministry to continue. The students have come and gone but there has always been a class to teach. Some students have been most weeks all year. Some students seem more engaged with the Bible than others and follow up with questions. We are thinking through what our next step will be to help them be a part of the church community.

This ministry truly fits with our mission statement, “Empowered by the Spirit we are to make disciples of Jesus, of people of all ages to the glory of God”.

ESL is a ministry that has been going to all people and now we ask that you pray with us for this ministry.

  • Please pray that the students will come to know the Lord. Pray that some of them will decide to take the next step and seek more information.
  • Please pray that the teachers will be led by God in their relationships and conversation about the Lord.
  • Please pray for the teachers who assist in the classroom. May God strengthen them to continue serving in love each week.
  • Please pray for our materials. We have had very good resources from Anglicare but these are running out. Please pray that suitable material will be found and used for God’s kingdom in the classroom.
  • As students ask to learn more about Christianity, please pray for wisdom for how best to proceed. It is not as simple as inviting them to the next T.E. course as there is a language barrier.
  • Finally, please pray for the last term of our first year. Pray that our students will come back and that we will enrol more students this term.

Thank you for your prayers.

Chris Forder


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September 13, 2020