Are you like me and cringe when you hear the word evangelism or feel guilty knowing you are not sharing your faith as you should? I know that evangelism is such an important area in the life of the church and in the life of the Christian. Yet it is an area I struggle with a lot. As I write this I am at the Oxygen conference and have enrolled in the evangelism elective because I know it is an area I need to be encouraged in and work on personally more than others. Interestingly, the speakers (Francis Chan and John Lennox) are both amazing evangelists, one has had a ministry resulting in a mega church in America and the other debating world renown atheists. However, both admit that they struggle in the area of evangelism. It was pointed out that the world (and the devil) seek to make Christians feel afraid and shameful about sharing their faith. Don’t you find that to be true? Talking to friends and family is surrounded by fear and shame for all sorts of reasons and that is exactly what the world and the devil want. Friends, to give in to this is the first step of privatising your faith. This fear will squash out the activity of making disciples of Jesus by telling them the gospel, and this fear is nothing new. When we read about the first disciples who went about sharing their faith it was coupled with praying for boldness (Acts 4:29; Ephesians 6:19). Why? Because they too were afraid. But here it is, that fear should never stop us from telling people about our glorious Jesus; from trying to bring people from darkness to life. I have been challenged by the conference as I hoped I would be. I in turn want to encourage and inspire you all to think about using faith/God language in everyday conversations with your neighbours, friends, family, etc. I also want to encourage and inspire you to take every opportunity to share the gospel. I would love to start some evangelism ministry, I have ideas. When I do, can I ask, actually can I count on your support to get involved with me? Friends, please talk to me about this, one to keep me accountable and two to see where you can get involved.                                                                                       Chris F.



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