Exploring Truth Together

This MFM is about some of the exciting work God is doing in us and through us at TGS via Truth Explored and church socials.

I usually have the privilege of leading people through the seven-part Truth Explored (T.E.) course that Trevor wrote. I have been doing this with various people over the last couple of months and I wanted to let you know what’s been happening. So, there are people, including a newish Christian, who are being further helped to concisely talk to people about Jesus; there are people in our church who are being helped to consolidate their understanding of the faith; there are not-yet church members who have either had their ‘eyes opened’ to Christianity or are being aided to realise the evidence and logical coherency of Christianity. So, remember that people can ask you for information about Jesus or Christianity for different reasons and needs.

Numerous times when doing T.E., not-yet Christians don’t ‘get there’ within seven weeks. And that’s understandable. For many people, there can be a lot of information to understand then work through the implications of, let alone make a big commitment to. So, I and we as Christ’s people need to be patient, and treat each person according to their pace of working through things and what are major issues for them. If you’re talking to others about Jesus, don’t try to rush or harry them to ‘get it’ and commit to Jesus.

So, this week I should start the material called Back to Basics with a person who finished T.E. last week. They have come a long way, but we need to continue the conversation. So, if you’ve been talking to someone about Christ, what other topics could you talk to them about? What else will keep the conversation going? Are they up to reading the Bible and praying with you, or with you and another TGS person who might have more knowledge of the Scriptures? Or might they go through T.E. with you and me? Or …?

The more people at church a ‘seeker’ gets to know, the more connected they become and likely to keep the conversation going longer term. Often, a good way of introducing a ‘seeker’ to more people is in our church socials. They can be much less threatening than doing a course or coming to church. So, even if you don’t normally come to any of the church socials, consider who you could bring along and help them on the road to Christ.    Cameron


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