Have you ever heard of FOMO? Well FOMO has just been added to the latest edition of a popular English language dictionary, let alone Google dictionary and Wikipedia! It stands for: Fear Of Missing Out. Apparently, and as confirmed by recent surveys, there’s an entire generation of people who are constantly worried they’re going to miss something. With the accessibility that technology and therefore social media provide, people are feeling more and more pressured to stay connected all the time, as well as feeling more and more anxious and depressed (fearful) when they aren’t included in something or aren’t aware of something.

But we need to ask ourselves: at the end of our life, is it going to really matter how many Likes I got? Or is it going to really matter how many people include me in their posts, and therefore ‘in the know’? I don’t think so. And yet, people everywhere, and especially our younger generation, have such a FOMO that they continually feed it because they do have it.

I think it shows us two things. It shows us our insecurities: a need to be liked by others. I think it also shows us that we certainly like to be ‘in the know’, no matter what the cost – some things don’t change (Genesis 2:16-17). The problem with these two things is that they cause us to compromise ourselves and therefore, when push comes to shove, we choose to do what pleases others, rather than what pleases God (John 12:43). And secondly it feeds an ever-hungry pride in us, rather than fosters a healthy humility and contentment that says: we don’t need to know everything; God does, and that’s all that matters.

And not only does it possibly show and contribute to two unhealthy character traits that God will probably address in our lives (1 Peter 5:5), but it can also lead us to not love those physically close to us, as we are always glued to those on our phone or tablet, for FOMO.


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