The foundation of something is so important; skimp on it and when testing times come, you will see that you have skimped. Or build your life on a crook foundation and when testing times come, you will be found wanting. When we were at Bible College, some three thousand years ago now,  we lived in a terraced home in Newtown – it was given to us for three years (but that’s another story). Living in Newtown, Sydney, was an experience and a half – our three sons certainly remember it well! Because this house’s foundations were crook, when we didn’t have rain for a long period of time a gap in our side wall opened up – you could put your hand though it and almost shake the person’s hand next door (yes, common walls). In my daily quiet time I have been reading the psalms, and what stood out for me, this time, is what the foundations of God’s throne consist of, and therefore what he is truly like. Now I was sort of thinking it would say that his foundation is love, but that is not what his foundation is. His foundation is righteousness and justice. And the psalms are really big on this, in not just spelling it out but in also the implications of it: the foundation of his throne is righteousness and justice (Psalm 89:14a and 97:2). Now, the space here is inadequate to explain things, and so too my headJ, but if that is the case, no one has a hope of ever approaching him, or being anywhere near him, as it doesn’t take us long to realise how unrighteous we naturally are and how unjust we can be: In what we think at times; in what we say on occasions; and in what we sometimes do. Yes, our foundations are certainly not righteous and just. So, isn’t it wonderful that, by grace through faith in Jesus, we can have his righteousness (Romans 3:22). It would have to be the greatest gift of all time. And isn’t it wonderful that it isn’t a consuming fire that awaits us if we approach God’s throne (Psalm 89:14b and 97:3). So, let us live righteous (holy) lives as we become who we now are, no matter what season we find ourselves in.                      Trev


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