As you probably already know, as a church family we support Gafcon (Global Anglican Future Conference) – hence why we have such on the front page of this bulletin and on our website. Sadly, many parts of the Anglican Church in the west have gone, and are going, the way of the world and no longer uphold God’s timeless truths. Hence the original formation of Gafcon in 2008. Gafcon now represents the majority of Anglicans worldwide.

Gafcon Australia, basically the Australian branch of Gafcon world, was originally supported by about 300 people but has now risen to almost 800 people in Australia. No doubt this reflects the concern of many Anglicans in Australia.

It sadly needs to be said that the state of the Anglican Church of Australia is on a knife-edge and various meetings of leaders have not yet been able to work things out – please pray for them.

Next month there is a conference at Stanwell Tops and about a dozen of us at TGS (The Good Shepherd) plan to attend. This conference is providential with the current difficulties in the Anglican Church of Australia. It has been set up to help Anglicans maintain unity in clearly following and proclaiming the word of God, and especially in an increasingly anti-Christian society and ‘liberal’ influences within the church. Please pray that it proves to be an encouraging and an equipping time for all who attend.

Representations from 17 of the 23 Anglican dioceses in Australia are attending this conference, which is wonderful. The last information I received was that bookings for the conference have now reached what had been planned for, which is also wonderful – praise God.

So, please uphold your leaders here, and please pray for clarity for a specific TGS path. Although there might be some rocky days ahead as we walk along our Lord’s narrow road (Matthew 7:13-14), such a path is also described as a highway (Isaiah 40:3) when one considers the glory of our God, revealed to us in Christ. May our confidence in him, therefore, always shine ever brightly. Amen!