‘Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations!’ This is basically what Jesus says to his disciples, after his death and resurrection and just before he ascends back to his Father. Although literally, the translation of the original Greek is ‘having gone therefore, disciple all the nations’, the whole idea of going and making disciples is what he wants his people to be on about. And why do I mention this, that is, mention the importance of ‘going’ as well as the importance of ’making disciples? Well it is because some of the Scripture Union (SU) Christian camps, by their very name, pick up on this notion of going and making disciples.

The SU camp that probably comes to most people’s minds is Go West, which visits the outback schools in their last week of term four at the end of November. But over the years this has now been considerably expanded, in response to what Jesus said to do and obviously the Holy Spirit’s ongoing promptings – hence letting you know about what’s now happening.

So, Go West goes to Georgetown, Croydon, Mt Surprise, Forsayth and Greenvale. Go Gulf only goes to Normanton. Go North does the circuit of Bloomfield, Rossville, Cooktown and Lakeland. And Go Cape is a new one starting this year and the plan is to go to places like Mapoon and maybe Weipa, Aurukun or Coen.

Go West and Go Gulf are pretty right with leaders. Praise God. But this is what’s needed for the other two camps:

  • Go North needs a driver/cook. The driver on SU events must be over 25. The cooking is minimal as there will only be 4 or 5 leaders including the cook – one car full. They’ll most probably link in and be in the classroom with the students too.
  • Go Cape needs a team, vehicle, accommodation, etc. Our sister in Christ, here at TGS, Julie Arthur, is directing this camp. Mapoon has 60 students so we’ll be needing about 7 or 8 leaders which means either 2 x 4WD vehicles or a 4WD mini bus (or other suggestions). This trip is weather dependent, as it involves crossing the Archer River.

If you are interested in ‘going’ or know someone who might be, please contact Julie. Likewise, if you have any contacts up in the Cape, please let Julie know so we can link in with them early, and get praying and planning now, for making disciples of Jesus in Go West, Go Gulf, Go North and Go Cape.

Trev Saggers


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