God is GOOD and God is in CONTROL

As I write this I am lying in bed unable to walk because of the pain. This is impacting my family, my work and my well-being. I am also just about to write again to the State Government concerning the doctors’ contracts. This again is something that will effect us all in a negative way if the doctors are forced to sign the contracts. And to add to this, mid last week my son Lachlan was in hospital due to a minor injury, causing distress to his parents.

I can’t help but think why? Why God, what good can come from all this? Wouldn’t it be better for my family and work if I was functional? What about the state of QLD health if doctors leave? Even in the midst of this ‘chaos’ I know and believe that God is good. God is always good and when bad things happen, even if they are caused by evil people, God can use that for good. Think about Joseph in the book of Genesis. He was sold by his brothers into slavery. He was put in an Egyptian prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But all this so that God would use him to save others. Never was God out of control. In fact Joseph says in Genesis 45:5, that God sent him there ahead of them to save them. Now, even if I never save others, Joseph is an example for us all. Throughout these trials he went through, Joseph remained Godly. He remained committed to serving and obeying God in his suffering.

We see this ultimately in Jesus, who was obedient to God even to the point of  death on a cross. God is good and he uses evil or suffering to bring about good in peoples lives.

Trials will come, but take comfort that God is good and God is in control. Nothing is out of his loving and perfect hands. And stay strong in serving God throughout your suffering, whatever it is. Because God has worked in all of us a good that will last into eternity.

Chris Forder.


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September 13, 2020