God knows what he’s doing

Well, today we might know who is governing our state of Queensland (after the election yesterday) – but then again we might not yet know. In the past I have usually worked out, well beforehand, as to who I will be voting for, but that has all changed these past few years. And so, there have been times when I have thought: What on earth is going on in our nation of Australia? And what is God doing about it? I no longer know who to vote for!

It is at these times, that I’ve needed to remind myself that God DOES know what he’s doing.

We see many examples of this in the Scriptures – many examples to stop us from being alarmed. We see what God can do: we see how the heart of a king is in his hand (Proverbs 21). We see how God uses Cyrus, a pagan king – a person who did not know God – to rescue his own people (Isaiah 45). And we see that we not only need to pray for those who govern our country – no matter who they are or what political persuasion they belong to – but also obey them, for all authority is God given (1 Timothy 2; Romans 13; 1 Peter 2).

And we also read in Romans 1 that there comes a point when God gives over a nation, or a group of people. And it certainly does seem that he has, for many of the nations in the west. And part of the reason he tells us this up front, is not to alarm his people, rather, it is to calm us, knowing that he has allowed this to happen, rather than it all being out of control.

And so, irrespective of who is now governing this state; and irrespective of who you voted for – and how you might be feeling at the moment about the result; and irrespective of what a plebiscite has decided, God is in control.

He intervenes. He allows. He decides. He knows. Life might be full of surprises for us, but not for him. His purposes will always prevail.

Our part, is to trust him in that, and to encourage our brothers and sisters to hang-in-there through it all, and to keep doing the right thing, no matter how good or bad things might seem. Our part is to also walk carefully ourselves, knowing that we will all one day (including those who govern us: Psalm 110), be judged, and those who belong to Jesus will be rewarded for what we’ve done (Matthew 16:27).

Yes, God knows what he is doing, just as he knew what he was doing, when his Son hung on that rugged cross for us.

Trev xo



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September 13, 2020