God’s not Dead!

TGS has a church-wide event this Saturday night the 17th of January. It is the movie and pizza night “God’s not Dead”. I haven’t seen it, so I feel a little weird saying this, but if you can go please do make this a priority. It will be a fantastic time with other Christians watching a movie that engages with a topic that is alive and confronting us as believers. Is God dead? Is he still relevant? Hasn’t science buried him? Do we still need God in our lives? Why do you believe in God? How will you respond to people who question your faith?

Now, I don’t know if the movie asks all these questions or helps with all of these issues. But it does raise the question many non-Christians are asking. And it does point out the reality we face as Christians in a world that is becoming more and more anti-God.

Now while it might not answer all the questions I have just raised, there are great resources, e.g. books, articles and DVDs, that do answer them. That equip God’s people with certainty of the truth about who he is and what he has done. Resources that help Christians respond to questions and objections that might be asked. A list of some of these resources are:

  • The Christ files DVD,  A Sneaking Suspicion, If I were God I would make myself clearer—all by John Dickson
  • So many Questions (study book & DVD)—Matthias Media—great bible study resource
  • The reason for God—Timothy Keller
  • Know what you believe, Know why you believe—Paul E. Little
  • The Case for Christ—Lee Strobel (there is a great youth edition too)

These can be bought locally from LifesSore in Cairns Civic Shopping Centre or online from Koorong or Matthias Media. If you what to know more about a resource please chat with me, I would love to help.

Chris Forder


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