God’s timing

God’s timing

We’re back! I hope you didn’t miss Sue too much.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle greatly with God’s timing. I know his timing is right – I have read the Scriptures enough to come to that conclusion! But there are things that occur, at a certain time, which I cannot understand why they occurred when they did. I’ll give you an example:

Our dear sister in Christ Marj Dun died almost 18 months ago now, and after her funeral her family said to Sue and me that we could have one of her plants. We chose one of her orchids. They told us that they’ve never seen it flower yet. But we still took it. Sue and I were only commenting recently that it still hasn’t flowered – it must be a dud – but we dare not tell Marj.

Anyway, we returned from our annual leave this week, and guess what? That’s right, there were a whole lot of little buds growing out of it. Here is a picture of them flowering. There are now a few hundred of these beautiful little yellow flowers.

So, my question is this: Why now? Why didn’t they flower for Marj and her family? Why did they wait to flower until we went away on holidays? I don’t know why, and maybe never will. But from my understanding of the Scriptures, and therefore understanding of God, it has happened now for a reason. Perhaps one day I will know why.

Is there anything going on in your life at the moment that you cannot understand as to why it’s happening now? I’m guessing for many of us that there is. Just as I need to, we need to, trust God’s perfect timing – whether it is something beautiful or not so beautiful that’s happening, It’s fine to ask Him questions – blunt ones even – the psalmist regularly does. But sometimes the message that comes back might just be: For now, just trust me.    

Trev Saggers


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