“Great When They Work”

They are great when they work. So, what are “they”? Computers, of course! We are so reliant on them (even if you personally don’t use computers a lot, trust me, a lot of your life is dependant upon them). When they work well, it’s great! When they won’t do what you need/want or they don’t work at all … it can be a major problem.

And life’s a bit like that. It can be simply wonderful. They are so many things/people/experiences/places in life which can bring such joy and happiness etc. But then there are also so many things/people/experiences/places in life which can, and at times do, bring such sadness and loss.

Sometimes I hear people say that they wouldn’t change anything that’s happened in their life, or say that they have no regrets in life. I simply can’t believe that! It seems very naïve to me. For at times life is such a mixture of good and bad, joy and sadness, delight and frustration (including what we do/bring about for ourselves and others).

This is what we see in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 1. We see faith and desire for goodness by the Thessalonians, but we also see them being troubled/harassed by others. So I doubt that the Thessalonians would have believed that a new year would only bring joy and gladness. But — and here is the big difference — they knew that even if some things don’t “work” now, that Christ will return and they will “marvel” at him, then enjoy the glory of his presence for ever.

So that even if things aren’t ‘working’, if it feels like life is ‘broken’ that we can still know that God is at work in us this year and that eventually everything in life will “work” perfectly — which really is a great comfort and help for 2017!

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020