Guess who’s coming to … lunch?

On May 17 this year we had our first TGS Family Lunch for 2015 — and it was a great success. The hall was full of us enjoying nice food and good company. It was a chance to spend more time with people and so get to know each other better. On Sunday, October 11 we have our second and last Family Lunch for this year — so please do come.

We’ve just started looking at the book of Acts in our morning services, and Acts shows us that Christians regularly shared a meal together e.g. 2:42, 46; 20:7 (sometimes this would have included celebrating the Lord’s Supper). Here are some good reasons for you and your family to come to lunch on October 11 —

  • The better people know you, the more they can help you. This is because they will better know what’s happening in your life and can pray more specifically for you and potentially give other practical help.
  • Some people are looking for your company. The fact is, some people in our church are lonely at time, and so giving them this fairly small amount of your time can buoy up their spirits.
  • It’s a great way to feel more connected. In churches there are always people who feel a bit on the outer (whether they are newer to TGS or have even been here a long time) … well, if this is you, this is a fairly non-threatening way of feeling more connected.
  • The food is good! When I was a bachelor I always looked forward to enjoying the (better) food that others would bring to church meals :-)  … as well as what I brought. Our TGS Family Lunches allow us to together thank God for the good gift of food.

So … ‘Guess who’s coming to lunch’ — I hope it will be you!

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020