Have I, did I?

Happy New Year everyone. Praise God for the excitement of what a new year will bring. Being the beginning of a new year I feel tempted to write about new year’s resolutions and the year ahead. However, I thought with a new year ahead of us I would take this opportunity to ask you to look back.

You may have had personal goals for 2016 and you may have achieved them … or you may not. But we as a church, as a community of Christ followers started last year with one big goal, or more accurately one mission.

Empowered by the Spirit we are to make disciples of Jesus, of all people of all ages to the glory of God the Father.

My question to you is, did you achieve that goal. Have you made a disciple of Jesus? Now, this is not designed to make you feel guilty, all I want you to do is look back over 2016 and ask how did I help make disciples of Jesus? What did I do? How was I a living sacrifice for God?

Often when we reflect on the past we can see what we must continue to do and what we can start doing differently in order to achieve our mission goals. I want to encourage you and I hope throughout the year Trevor, Cameron and myself will be used by God to inspire you to be living out this exciting and amazing mission. Friends, God gives us this task of making disciples not because he needs us, but because he has graciously given us the privilege of sharing in the joy of seeing some become a Christian through our words, actions, love and service. God wants your heart to be full of joy and excitement and passion as a result of sharing in his mission. He doesn’t want you to have empty hearts but overflowing hearts.

So please, reflect on last year and look to see what you must continue to do this year or what you must change, what you must start doing in order to be blessed by God as you live out his amazing mission in 2017.

Chris Forder


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September 13, 2020